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Eighteenth Century Women Playwrights Essay examples -- European Europe

The accompanying article gives a short memoir of eight of the most notable ladies writers of the eighteenth century. The article runs in sequential request by each playwright’s birth date and portrays the better known achievements of every writer. The writers that I have remembered for this exposition are: Mary Delariviere Manley, Mary Griffith Pix, Susanna Carroll Centlivre, Catherine Trotter Cockburn, Eliza Fowler Haywood, Elizabeth Griffith, Hannah Parkhouse Cowley, and Elizabeth Simpson Inchbald (Benedict 2003). Mary Delariviere Manley has an abnormal early history. It is obscure whether her first name truly was Mary. It is obscure precisely when and precisely where she was conceived. The name of her mom is obscure. The resting spot of her dad is obscure. Mary Manley was conceived either on April 6 or 7, 1663, or at whatever year somewhere in the range of 1667 and 1672. Her dad, Lieutenant-Governor of the English island of Jersey, deserted her around 1688. She lived with her cousin, John Manley, who wedded her, despite the fact that he was at that point wedded. Afterward, John Manley deserted her and their child (Schlueter and Schlueter 1988). Mary Manley’s initial two plays, The Lost Lover and The Royal Mischief, were written in 1696 while she lived in Exeter. The two plays were acted in London: The Lost Lover at Drury Lane and The Royal Mischief at Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Despite the fact that The Lost Lover was not fruitful, The Royal Mischief brought her riches and acknowledgment. Mary accepted that the plays were not as fruitful as they could have been on the grounds that they were composed by a lady. From this time on Mary was what we today call a women’s rights lobbyist (Rozny 2001). Mary started to compose political parodies for wh... ... Promises. Oxford: Woodstock Books, 1990. Ingrassia, Catherine. â€Å"Eliza Haywood.† (13 November 2003). Ricciardi, Cynthia B. â€Å"Welcome to the Elizabeth Griffith Homepage.† 10 June 2000.> (11 November 2003). Rozny, Noel and Margaret Vincent. â€Å"The Official Website of the Secret Society of British Gentlewomen.† 19 April 2001. (11 November 2003). Schlueter, Paul, and June Schlueter, ed. An Encyclopedia of British Women Writers. NY: Garland, 1988. Todd, Janet, ed. A Dictionary of British and American Women Writers 1660-1800. NJ: Rowman and Allanheld, 1985. Warren, Kate M. â€Å"New Advent.† 15 September 2003. (14 November 2003).

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